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World Wi-Fi Day: How Wi-Fi Has Changed the World

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World Wi-Fi Day, a global initiative to help bridge the digital divide, is on Sunday, June 20th, and is a day to recognize and celebrate the role Wi-Fi plays around the world. Organized by the Wireless Broadband Alliance, World Wi-Fi Day is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the true meaning of Wi-Fi: connecting the unconnected. 

In celebration, let’s take a look at how Wi-Fi and internet service have changed the world.

Internet Service Had Humble Beginnings

The first iteration of Wi-Fi was released in 1997 and was a static network that shuttled a small amount of information or a short message between two terminals. 

What began as a mechanism accessible only by expert coders and solely focused on information exchange became a sophisticated tool that 93% of Americans rely on in their daily lives. 

Wi-Fi Brings People Together Through Education 

One of the most important ways Wi-Fi has changed our lives is through education. Internet users can create and share knowledge with the click of a button, utilizing a global network that connects and empowers both students and educators. Wi-Fi eliminates physical and time constraints, allowing anyone with access to tap into an endless amount of unrestricted knowledge and information. 

This knowledge share spreads even further when we consider culture. Online tools open up the opportunity for internet users to easily and quickly access resources and information from other cultures, allowing us to share knowledge and learn from others around the world. 

Wi-Fi Has Changed the Business Arena 

Today, internet service is one of the key drivers of our global economy. Not only does internet allow for knowledge share, but it also promotes competition and productivity. As e-commerce channels continue to grow, small business owners are able to connect with consumers across the world, serving niche audiences and needs that previously went unaddressed. The internet helps level the playing field for businesses and startups everywhere. 

Healthcare Continues to Advance with the Help of Wi-Fi

The internet is critical for medical information applications, providing real-time access to medical records, X-Rays, and MRIs. We’ve seen the importance of internet service in the healthcare field grow even more during the global pandemic with the rise of telehealth. While 71% of patients in the U.S. considered telemedicine in the early months of Covid-19, 83% of patients expect to continue to use telemedicine after the pandemic. 

Telehealth allows patients to access real-time medical service using Wi-Fi, meaning patients bear less of a financial burden and do not face time constraints when considering going to the doctor. Wi-Fi also allows for medical knowledge to be spread globally, which is crucial in improving healthcare around the world.  

Today, we can send information across the world in a matter of seconds. Internet service has revolutionized the way we look at education, business, and healthcare, and is one of the key drivers of our social evolution. 

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