online learning in rural areas

How Satellite Internet Impacts Learning at Home in Rural Areas

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed life as we know it, requiring us to adapt to a “new normal” that continues to evolve. One of the most striking examples of COVID’s impact can be seen in the transformation of our school systems. From virtual classrooms to pre-recorded lectures, online
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laptop connected to wifi
From virtual meetings to family video chats, scrolling through social media to researching recipes, you’d be hard...
Satellite Internet
child browsing on ipad
Today’s kids are growing up to be the most digitally capable generation that our world has ever seen. Born into an...
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Internet Safety
Social Media
burden of digital dependency
Since the rise of the Internet and the integration of technology into our everyday lives, our society has...
Apps and Tools
Internet Safety
America #1
Whether you’re relying on it to work or learn from home, stay connected to loved ones, or keep up with your...
Satellite Internet
Outdoor Adventure
With Spring now in full swing, it’s time to get outside and explore. Not sure where to start? Luckily, there are a...
Internet Benefits
STEM Education
From a very young age, we are influenced by our schooling; and throughout childhood and well into adulthood...
STEM Education

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