online learning in rural areas

How Satellite Internet Impacts Learning at Home in Rural Areas

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed life as we know it, requiring us to adapt to a “new normal” that continues to evolve. One of the most striking examples of COVID’s impact can be seen in the transformation of our school systems. From virtual classrooms to pre-recorded lectures, online
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man reading on tablet
Activating Hughesnet ® satellite internet opens a world of possibilities for your home or business. In this guide...
man working at home
Scrolling through spreadsheets in your PJs, working with your dog at your side, and avoiding rush hour commutes are...
girl talking on home phone line
For many households, a dedicated home phone line is an essential investment, whether it serves as a shared...
Equipment & Hardware
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A reliable internet connection is essential for modern life, whether you're working remotely, video chatting with...
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The internet is fascinating. You can lose hours playing games, chatting with friends, and scrolling through social...
America #1
Terrestrial internet infrastructure focuses on urban areas and often does not extend to rural or remote locations...
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