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The 10 Best Podcasts for Small Business Owners

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Podcasts are downloadable audio clips, often recorded in series that run the gamut of topics including science, history, entertainment, business, and more. Podcasts provide a convenient method of learning, as you can listen to them anywhere - driving to work, on a walk, grocery shopping, or at the gym. This convenience allows you to make your free time or daily commute far more productive. There are a multitude of podcasts aimed at helping small business owners, and we have narrowed down a list of ten we find most useful.

1. The WOW Small Business Show

  • Who: Bryan Orr
  • What: In The WOW Small Business Show, Bryan Orr primarily focuses on local business operations such as brick and mortar stores and boutique services.

2. The Small Business Report

  • Who: Gordon Deal
  • What: These 10-minute podcasts look into a multitude of operational topics such as sales and marketing. They often include expert interviews and extended versions of business stories. 

3. Small Business Trends Radio (since posting, this podcast is no longer available.) 

  • Who: Anita Campbell
  • What: Each podcast involves interviews, where small business owners take a close look into current trends and other related topics. 

4. Small Business Advocate Show

  • Who: Jim Blasingame
  • What: These hour-long podcasts go in-depth into specific issues that many small businesses face.

5. Small Business Unstuck

  • Who: Barry Moltz
  • What: Barry Moltz, a small business owner with 15 years of successes and failures, offers his unique perspective on how you can accelerate your business's growth.

6. The $100 MBA Show

  • Who: Omar Zenhom
  • What: These 10-minute podcasts offer daily advice on concrete skills that every business owner should master.

7. Excellence Expected

  • Who: Mark Asquith
  • What: Mark Asquith knows that small business owners expect excellence. Excellence Expected is a top of the line podcast outlining how to define, challenge, and conquer various obstacles to your business’s success.

8. From Scratch

  • Who: Jessica Harris
  • What: From Scratch is relevant across industry types. In this podcast, Jessica Harris interviews area experts and founders of successful companies.

9. Online Marketing Made Easy

  • Who: Amy Porterfield
  • What: This podcast offers advice on virtual marketing and how to use content marketing to increase your business’s success.

10. Accelerate Your Business Growth

  • Who: Diane Helbig
  • What: In this podcast, Diane Helbig discusses small business topics including employee management, sales growth, market research and expansion.  

Listening to podcasts is a convenient, low-cost way to tap into the ideas and perspectives of small business experts. With so many useful options, it’s easy to turn your off-time into a productive part of your day. All you need to do is connect to the Internet to access the robust library of podcasts. You can then download the podcasts of your choice and listen to them throughout your day.

Since downloading podcasts requires Internet connection, it’s important that your business has a reliable Internet provider. If you’re looking for an Internet solution for your business, make sure to consider HughesNet Business Internet. With advanced satellite technology, HughesNet delivers a reliable, always-on broadband connection that will help you move your business forward.  

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