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The Best Job Sites for Small Business Owners

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As a small business owner, expansion can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Because recruiting agencies often come with high costs, small businesses need ways to find new candidates on their own.

There are various easy and inexpensive ways for small businesses to find new candidates without outsourcing to an agency. For example, having an informative careers page on your small business’s website is extremely valuable when recruiting candidates on the Internet. However, if you’re searching for candidates beyond your network who may not be familiar with your business, Internet job search sites can help. The following websites can help you find the perfect candidate.


Indeed is one of the most popular job posting websites for small businesses. According to recent studies, over 70% of US online job seekers use Indeed, which fills three times more job listings than any other job website. Business owners can post jobs for free to appear in general search results and manage candidates directly from an Indeed account. Many businesses have an Indeed page without even knowing it, so you should check if your business has a page. If it does, you can easily claim and update your company page for free.

To get premium placement of your job postings at the top of search results, you can pay to sponsor jobs. Through sponsoring jobs, you will only pay when candidates actually click on your posts. Indeed also offers a resume database subscription (Indeed Resume) which gives employers the ability to search a resume database and contact candidates.


If you need a job site that offers more advanced features, CareerBuilder may be the site for you. The majority of their customers are companies with over 100 employees. Unlike Indeed, it does not offer free job postings; however, it does offer many more advanced features, such as targeted emails, job market data reports, applicant management tools, fast background screening, and other marketing tools.


Glassdoor launched in 2007 as a website that gathered company reviews from real employees. Since introducing its job board feature, it has become one of the most popular job posting websites. While the fee to post jobs on Glassdoor is slightly higher than some other job websites, the option to have positive and honest reviews from real employees is a great way to attract high-caliber applicants.

It offers features that allow businesses to showcase branded messaging, videos, and photos; highlight positive reviews; and benchmark themselves against competitors. The platform also offers businesses tools to run branded advertising campaigns to target relevant job seekers across the Internet.


ZipRecruiter is a paid online job service that allows companies to post job openings to more than 100 sites with a single submission. It allows you to have all candidates in one place instead of spread across multiple job sites, making it easy to compare and evaluate them.

ZipRecruiter also offers premium plans that give you access to a resume database of 16 million+ resumes and placement in daily email blasts and social media posts. Like Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter gives employers the ability to customize their branding on their job pages.

Choosing a website to find the right candidate should be informed by your hiring needs. You can base your decision on a variety of factors, including the urgency of your hiring needs, the types of roles you’re hiring for, and your location. Instead of spreading yourself thin, we recommend starting with one to two job sites. If you find that you’re not receiving enough qualified candidates after a few weeks, you can consider posting to other websites.

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