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Five Ways to Use Video to Improve Your Business

small business video marketing

Video is an increasingly effective way to engage with potential customers and ultimately drive traffic to your small business website. According to a study conducted by Hubspot, having a video embedded in your website can drive a 157% increase in search engine results. More than 60% of consumers claimed that video directly influenced their decision to buy a product or service.

As a small business owner, you may think only large corporations can create high-quality, entertaining marketing videos. Even small business owners with little to no video experience can create high-quality videos that are engaging and effective. You no longer need a videographer on staff or any fancy equipment – you can simply use your smartphone or computer to quickly and easily create professional videos.

In this post, we’ll discuss creative video marketing tips that can help you grow traffic, increase engagement, and even gain new customers when promoting your small business on the Internet or social media.

1. Repurpose blog posts into videos

If your small business has already developed a blog, you can leverage this content as a starting point for video. Take a look at your website’s analytics and see which blog posts have the highest level of engagement. You can then use the basic ideas from these posts and transform them into a more creative format. By transforming these posts into a format that many users prefer, you’ll likely pull in new users who may have previously passed on reading your blog.

You can leverage a tool like Lumen5 to make this process quick and easy. Lumen5 uses artificial intelligence to automate video production. Once you upload a blog post to the tool, it will automatically summarize the content and match that content with relevant video and music. It even allows you to customize your video with your small business’s look-and-feel so your audience will become more familiar with your brand.

2. Integrate video into a campaign landing page

A fully-optimized landing page is one of the most effective lead-generating tools to have in your marketing arsenal. The purpose of a landing page is to cultivate new leads and produce conversions for your business on the net, as opposed to a homepage, which is a presentation of your company’s unique value proposition and a starting point for a variety of actions. Your landing page should be tailored towards a specific offer so visitors immediately understand your business plans offer and take the desired action, whether that is filling out a form, requesting more information, or signing up for your product or service.

There are many benefits of integrating video into your landing pages. According to a study by Aberdeen Group, businesses that incorporate video into campaign landing pages experience 34% higher conversion rates. By using videos on campaign landing pages, a visitor can easily absorb the message that you are trying to communicate in a small amount of time.

There are different ways to add a video to your landing page – from making the video the centerpiece of your content or adding it to support copy on your page. Regardless of where you add the video, the video content should help support the goal of your landing page, whether that’s downloading a piece of content or filling out a contact form. Using a video will help entertain and engage users, which will make them much more likely to convert.

3. Use live video to interact with your audience

you can easily connect directly with your audience in a personal way. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube all provide live streaming capabilities.

While live video is a great way to connect with your audience, it’s important to plan ahead before trying it out.  When you have a live video, it should be focused on a topic or theme. This could be a question and answer session or a behind the scenes look at your business.  It shouldn’t be fully scripted, but make sure that you are prepared with the key points that are focused on your overarching goal. 

4. Film a customer testimonial

Testimonials are great ways to establish credibility in your market and build authenticity for your brand. Instead of simply adding a customer quote to your website, consider creating a video testimonial. Not only will a video testimonial of a customer be more engaging, but it will also be more relatable and personable.

When creating a video testimonial, make sure to focus on the customer journey. Instead of just talking about the end result, ask the customer questions that will help build a narrative and show the viewer the full story of their experience. Your users are going through the customer same journey, so this approach will help them better understand why your product or service would be valuable to them.

5. Create bio videos for employees

Bio videos are a great way to introduce your team to potential customers and showcase their personal, friendly qualities. Bio videos are short videos that introduce someone and tell their story. They usually include both professional details, like job titles and experience, and personal facts, such as their hobbies and where they’re from. These types of videos will make your business feel more personable and relatable to potential customers.  

Videos are a great way to promote brand awareness, build trust, boost engagement, and ultimately drive conversions. Because they are both inexpensive and easy to produce, small businesses should consider leveraging this powerful tool to improve their bottom line.

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