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Four of the Best WordPress Themes for Your Small Business Internet Website

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In today’s digital age, businesses of all sizes need an online presence. As a small business owner, you likely don’t have the time to develop a new website from scratch, but thanks to site hosts like WordPress, you might not need to!

WordPress is a popular website builder and content management system that powers millions of websites across the world. One of the reasons for WordPress’ popularity is its huge array of themes—off-the-shelf web design templates that offer customization options for you to personalize your site. Themes allow you to load content into a premade, professional website template and give visitors a great first impression of your business, even if you have no coding or graphic design skills.

There are tons of different WordPress themes available. In this post, we’ll outline four of the most popular and discuss why they're ideal for small companies that conduct business on the Internet.

1. Divi

Divi is one of the most powerful WordPress themes available. With 800+ premade website designs for all types of different website needs, it offers virtually unlimited design possibilities. It also has a drag-and-drop page builder, making the theme easy to use for small business owners and employees with little to no coding experience.

Divi offers many different content modules, including forms, calls to action, sliders, customer testimonials, and more.

Highlights include:

  • Front-end webpage builder
  • Modules for forms, Calls to Action (CTAs) such as learn more or submit form and other conversion features

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design

  • Over 500 premade business layouts

2. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is another great option for small business owners, particularly those who need the ability to book appointments and accept payments on their site. Because Entrepreneur offers tools that integrate the full online booking process, it’s suitable for service‑oriented businesses, such as contractors, physicians, and hairstylists.

Like Divi, Entrepreneur also has a front-end, live page builder. It comes with more than 20 page templates and hundreds of designs, making it easy for anyone to create and manage a website to run their business on the Internet.

Highlights include:

  • Front-end webpage builder
  • Built-in scheduling and booking system

  • Three-minute setup process

  • Responsive design

  • Form builder

3. X

X is one of the fastest-selling themes available and is suitable for all types of businesses, from restaurants to nonprofits. X is unique in that it is not just one theme—it’s a package of four design styles that can achieve different business goals. For example, the “Renew” style has a flat, simple design that is great for creating compelling landing pages.

In addition to these four design styles, X also has a powerful front-end webpage builder that allows inline editing, custom font styles, dynamic content, and more. And X’s responsive design means that it looks great across all screen sizes.

Highlights include:

  • Four design stacks

  • Front-end editor

  • Advanced features such as inline editing, dynamic content, and global blocks

  • Responsive design

4. Intact

Intact is a great, easy-to-use WordPress theme for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just getting started. It offers 12 demos (prebuilt sites for different types of businesses such as a Marketing Agency or an App Developer) with a full template of pages for each demo, from a homepage to a 404 error page. In addition to the design templates, Intact also offers a responsive design and a powerful admin panel with more than 20 shortcodes, animations, and scrolling effects. These features allow you to build a complex website without coding.

Highlights include:

  • 12 demos

  • One-click installation

  • Responsive design

  • Powerful admin panel

  • Advanced design features

Any of the above themes will help you quickly build and manage your small business Internet website, so you can focus on building your business instead of hiring designers and developers – or trying to do it yourself. Themes and Wordpress templates can cut down on the complexity and time it takes to get your small business Internet website off the ground.

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