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How to Make a QR Code for Your Small Business in 5 Easy Steps

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QR codes have been around for a long time, but they’ve recently become a much more popular way for businesses of all sizes to generate sales and conduct business on the Internet without physical contact. QR codes are an inexpensive, easy to use marketing tool. In this post, we’ll walk through the basics of QR codes and discuss how they can be used to connect to customers of your small business on the Internet.

What Is a QR Code?

A QR code, which stands for ‘Quick Response’, is a barcode that someone can scan to quickly receive information. QR codes typically come in a square shape with angled markers. A single code can contain up to 5,000 characters – enough for a URL address, email address, or more.

Businesses can generate QR codes and add them to marketing materials or other collateral share information with customers or prospects. For example, if you own a restaurant, you could place a QR code on your tables that contain a link to your online menu. When a customer sits down, all they have to do is open their camera app on their phone and scan the QR code. When they do this, the camera will recognize and read the code and send them to the menu on the Internet for small business customers.

How to Create a QR Code

Creating a QR code is so easy that you will be wondering why you didn’t make one sooner.

Decide How You Plan to Use a QR Code

Before you generate a QR code, think through how you plan to use the code. What are your goals and what information do you hope to share? Many businesses use QR codes for marketing. For example, you may want to place a QR code to an ad so customers can scan and learn more information about your business.  You could also create a Wi-Fi QR code that users can scan and join your business Internet Wi-Fi network. This is much easier than having to manually add in a password. You could even create a QR code that directs a user to Google Maps and gives them directions to your small business.

Find a QR Code Generator

Once you decide on your goals, you can generate your QR code for your small business. There are many different generators that you can find on the Internet for small business operations. Free QR code generators are a great place to start if you’re just starting out. Here are a few of the most popular free QR code generators: 

Enter Information and Customize the QR Code

Once you’ve selected your tool, you can add in the information you want to share with your customers. You can also customize the look and feel of the QR code. For example, you can add your brand colors to the code, add your logo, and even customize the shape.

Once you’ve finalized your code, make sure to test it to ensure that it’s directing users to the correct location. Most QR code generators allow you to preview the code before you download it.

Download Your QR Code

Once you’ve tested your code, you can download it to your computer. When downloading, make sure to save it in the correct format depending on where you’re planning to use the code. If it’s going on the web, jpeg, jpg, and png formats will work well. If you’re using the code for print, make sure to select a higher resolution format. Typically, svg and eps files work best for print.

Whether you’re using your code on the web or you’re printing it, make sure it’s not blurry so a QR code reader can quickly and easily read the code.

After you download your code, you can add it to promotional materials, business cards, emails, or any other location. Make sure that it’s highly visible and reaching your target audience.

QR codes are an easy, inexpensive, and effective way to share information with your small business customers. Now that they’re becoming more popular, the majority of customers will know how to use them. Get started, experiment, and learn as you go.

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