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How to Use the Internet to Improve Your Small Business


It’s no secret that the Internet is an extremely powerful tool that, when used wisely, can help make your small business more profitable and productive. In fact, it’s one of the most critical resources a small business has at its disposal. 

But how exactly can you turn this resource into results for your small business? Keep reading to find out how you can leverage the Internet to make a real impact.

Collaboration Tools

There are countless apps and online programs available to small businesses that– accompanied by a small business Internet connection– make collaboration and communication between team members easier and more efficient. From simplifying workflows, to providing easier access to information, to improving real-time communications, these collaboration software tools can add tremendous value to your small business. Some popular collaboration tools for small businesses include Flock, Microsoft Teams, Monday, Slack and Zoho Cliq.

Productivity Software

Another way small business owners can leverage the Internet to improve day to day business operations is by utilizing online productivity software. Tools like Airtable, Asana, Todoist, Trello, and Zoho Projects all help small businesses to complete tasks with more efficiency, increase productivity and collaboration, streamline workflows and manage tasks with ease. There are dozens of software tools out there to choose from, so check out our recommendations for the Best Productivity Apps for Your Small Business.

To learn more about the benefits of productivity software, check out our post Ways to Use Technology to Increase Your Small Business’s Productivity.


Internet for small business can also enable video applications, which have a wide variety of benefits for small business owners. For day to day operational or administrative tasks, an Internet connection can help small business owners watch informational video content online. Small businesses can also create their own video content to share with customers online via their small business website, platforms like YouTube or on various social media channels with the proper connection. For brick and mortar businesses, videos can be used on digital signage throughout the store to show off products and promotions or better showcase the story and brand behind your small business. No matter the platform, video helps small businesses connect with audiences and engage both existing and new customers. 

Looking for more insights? Here are Five Ways to Use Video to Improve Your Business.

Online Marketing

One of the easiest ways to leverage Internet for small business to make an impact is through online marketing. Whether it’s SEO and targeted display ads, social media, a website, email or content marketing, digital marketing techniques play a vital role in growing small businesses. Not only is online marketing cost-effective, measurable and can provide you with crucial data and analytics about your target audience, but it can dramatically expand your reach, allow you to connect with new and potential customers, build brand awareness and recognition and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

For more on some of the best digital marketing channels for small businesses to leverage in 2022, check out this post.

The right Internet connection can unlock countless new opportunities for your small business, including the ones described above. Increased productivity, access to information and marketing tools and easier collaboration are all ways you can elevate your small business with Internet connectivity.

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