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Top 4 Online Job Boards for Small Businesses

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When professionals search for jobs in today’s digital age, the first place they look is online. When your small business is hoping to fill an open job position, online recruiting can be highly effective. If your business has a website, make sure that all jobs are listed on your website. To help reach a wider audience, you can also publish your business’s open positions on a recruiting website.

With the variety of websites and online job boards available, expanding your small business can be easy, stress free and inexpensive. To help you make your decision, we’ve outlined the top five most popular job board websites to you find the perfect candidate for your small business.  


Indeed is by far the most popular job site, reaching over 200 million unique visitors each month. The company provides employers with easy and effective ways to hire, and promises to “help companies of all sizes hire the best talent”.

At no cost, you can post a job to reach candidates based on your location and search resumes to find active job seekers. It gives you the option to promote your job postings and increase their visibility. Further, their pay-per-click service allows you to post your job on over 25,000 partner sites. You will only be charged when a candidate clicks to view your post. The site also provides a free feature where you will receive an email when relevant candidates match your search.


SimplyHired is another job search website where recruiters can post their job openings at no cost. This is one of the first places that job seekers turn when they search for jobs online, and it has been called the “largest job search engine and recruitment advertising network”. It doesn’t matter where your small business is located, because SimplyHired reaches job seekers from towns and cities all across the U.S.

The site also offers paid job marketing services if you need more assistance. At  prices ranging from $99 to $199, Simply Hired will post your job openings on over 5,000 sites, including blogs and social networks.


Monster is the first public job search website, and reaches a network of over 23 million candidates! It provides an online solution for “employers who need great people”. It will help you not only find the best quality candidates, but more of them. Monster offers a variety of free solutions where you can create and edit job postings on their job board.

At a price, Monster offers paid tools that include a searchable resume database. With Monster’s paid services, it also offers a complete job posting so you can access its extensive candidate database and network of job sites.


ZipRecruiter is unique from the previous sites because it was developed with only small businesses in mind.  The company began as a tool to help “small businesses distribute job postings affordably.” Since its launch, it has emerged as one of the top hiring solutions for businesses of all sizes.

ZipRecruiter is a one stop shop that makes online recruiting easier than ever. The company only offers paid services, which begin at $59 per month. It allows employers to post to over 40 job sites with one single submission, including Indeed, Monster, Craigslist, and SimplyHired. It then sends all potential candidates from these sites in a single list for your review. While ZipRecruiter does not provide free services like other job sites, it has an extremely high satisfaction rate and even offers a money-back guarantee!

Online job boards provide small business with a variety of advantages that take the time and stress out of recruiting. Your employees are the cornerstone to your small business, and when it comes to hiring, there is not a one size fits all approach. With the wide range of online options available, you can take the approach that best fits your specific budget and hiring needs.  

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