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The Top 4 Online Training Resources for Small Business Employees

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In today’s digital age, there are a variety of training tools that will significantly reduce your training costs. Unlike in the past, when employee training required hiring training experts to deliver costly face-to-face seminars, you can now leverage low-cost online systems that will provide employees with flexible, customized training. Further with these new online techniques, employees no longer have to take time off from their jobs.

Here are 4 cloud-based online training systems that will make employee training easier and more effective.

1. WorkRamp

WorkRamp is a modern training platform that promises to “help you build an unstoppable team.” WorkRamp provides companies with an easy way to onboard, train and track their employees.

With their platform, you can choose from multiple applications to build a training program that fits best with your specific business needs. You can integrate training into your company’s current workflow.  Their software even provides high-quality data on team development that helps you identify skill gaps and make better performance decisions. 

WorkRamp is ideal for companies of with 50-500 employees who seek to reimagine employee training.

2. Versal

Versal is a simple yet powerful online training platform that allows small businesses to “quickly create online training, bring teams up to speed fast, and measure results.” The platform is built for businesses of all sizes, so it is scalable to your business’s growth.

With Versal, you can create interactive courses and modules. The company promises that “it’s so easy, everyone can contribute, and yet so powerful that your people will love to learn.” All courses are flexible to which ever delivery method works best for your employees. Like WorkRamp, Versal offers reporting that give you instant insights on your team’s development 

Versal offers a free 15-day trial, with no credit card required.

3. Cornerstone Learning

Cornerstone provides “one unified cloud platform to recruit, train and manage people.” The centralized platform provides on-going learning for employees by providing instructor led training, virtual exams, certifications, and compliance content for developing employees. It promises that it’s modern, tailored training boosts employee performance and supports organizational goals.

The platform offers “Cornerstone Connect” which fosters real-time collaboration and social learning.

4. SkyPrep

SkyPrep brings automation to employee training, and promises to “free up your time for the things that matter.” It was ranked among the most affordable and user-friendly online training system. It offers unlimited courses and assessments, unlimited registration users, automated grading and feedback, automated notifications and tracking and reporting. It offers fantastic customer service via email, chat, and phone.

If you want to learn about more online training platforms that will make employee training easier and more efficient, check out PC Mag’s article, The Best Online Learning Platforms for Business in 2017.

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