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Top Four Video Editing Apps for Small Business Owners

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In our last post Five Ways to Use Video to Improve Your Brand, we discussed how powerful video marketing can be for promoting your small business on the Internet or social media.

Luckily, creating videos has never been easier. There are many different video editing apps that can help you create and edit high-quality, professional videos quickly and easily on your smartphone. To help you decide which tool is right for your business, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of the most popular video editing apps on the market.

1. Quik

  • Best for: Users who need quick video edits
  • Pros: Automatic editing features
  • Cons: Less control over the editing process

Quik is an app that was designed by the makers of GoPro to help users quickly and easily edit videos on the go. All you have to do is capture a video on your smartphone, edit the video and post it.

One of the key aspects that sets this tool apart is its artificial intelligence (AI) editor. This powerful tool searches through your video footage to find the perfect moments and automatically trims and edits the clips, making video editing easier than ever. It can even automatically add transitions. Additional features include the ability to add photos, access to 100+ free songs, and a wide variety of typography and emojis.

2. Splice

  • Best for: Quickly adding multiple video clips together
  • Pros: User-friendly interface
  • Cons: Only available for iOS

As the company name suggests, Splice helps you splice together multiple video clips to develop a cohesive, high-quality video with customizable transitions. It is one of the most popular free video apps that are available for iPhone and iPad users.

Because of its user-friendly interface, this is an excellent tool for small business owners who are editing videos for the first time. The tool provides users with a built-in music library and the ability to sync your video to the beat of a soundtrack. It also provides a wide range of title and transition styles. 

3. InShot

  • Best for: All-in-one capabilities
  • Cons: Watermark included with the free version.
  • Pros: Create basic videos, collages, and photo edits

InShot is a great all-in-one content editing app. Not only can you create videos, but you can also edit images and create collages.

The app has powerful video editing features and allows users to change the speed of footage, enhance footage with video filters, add music, and edit overlay text. It also allows users to flip and rotate video footage, which the other apps do not allow.  While you have to pay a few dollars to remove the watermark on the videos and images you create, this app is simple to use and has everything you need to edit all content.

4. WeVideo

  • Best for: Businesses wanting to take their video to the next level
  • Cons: Limited features with free version
  • Pros: Premium features

Unlike the other video editors, WeVideo is cloud-based. This means that it is hosted online instead of working through your device’s hard drive, giving users the flexibility to edit videos anywhere, anytime.

The tool’s premium features like green screen and branded templates give videos a big-budget look without the cost of difficulty. Additional features include built-in stock content, animated text, and screen recording features.

Video content is a great way to engage with your audience, and it has become increasingly popular across social media and other parts of the Internet. More and more businesses are using videos to drive interest, and you can use video to generate interest for your business on the Internet as well.  

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