Frequently Asked Questions

Hughesnet offers a suite of satellite and Fusion plans to meet your needs and your budget. All satellite internet plans offer fast speeds so now you can do it all with varying amounts of data based on your home or small business needs. Find Hughesnet plan options for your home here. Find Hughesnet plan options for your business here.

If you’re not sure which plan is right for you, you can visit our Buyer’s Guide or one of our helpful customer service representatives will review your needs and recommend a Hughesnet satellite internet plan that works for you. If your needs change and you want to increase your plan, you can do so over the phone without changing fees or waiting for a technician to visit.

You can order a Hughesnet internet plan online, by phone or through a local authorized retailer.  

  • To order online for your home, click here
  • To order online for your business, click here
  • To order residential plans or Business plans by phone, call 844-737-2700.
  • To find a local dealer, click here.

For business owners working from their home, we recommend a Hughesnet for Business plan that will provide you everything you need to grow your business with a reliable high-speed service.

Hughesnet Fusion plans are currently available in select areas of the country. Enter your address or call to see if these exciting new plans are available where you live today!

You have an unlimited amount of Standard Data. If you use all your Priority Data, your Standard Data kicks in automatically.**