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Hughes has over 40 years of experience and $1 billion invested in satellite communications innovation. We currently operate North America's largest consumer satellite Internet network to deliver HughesNet services, and we have a proven track record of serving more Americans, in more places, over a longer period of time, than any other satellite Internet provider.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose HughesNet
1. It's available where you live
HughesNet is rural high-speed Internet service that's available to you no matter where you live in the United States, even where cable and DSL don't reach.
2. It's super fast
With HughesNet Gen4, you'll be able to watch video clips, download music, shop, chat, and learn – all faster than ever.
3. It works with your computer
Use it with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
4. No dial-up necessary
Free up your phone – no missed calls, no dialing in, no extra phone line needed. You can even talk on the phone and surf the Web at the same time.
5. Professional installation
After you select a plan, a certified HughesNet installer will contact you to schedule your installation. We take care of everything, so you'll be surfing in no time.
6. It's secure
The satellite dish sends and receives information over the Internet and delivers it to your computer through your satellite modem, giving you secure and fast Internet access.
7. It's always monitored
Hughes has several Network Operations Centers (NOCs) that are equipped to monitor networks at all times to ensure better service.
8. Excellent customer service
All Hughes Network Operations Centers are staffed with qualified engineers to provide professional and reliable customer support.
9. Hughes is the industry leader
With more than 2.5 million systems installed in more than 100 countries, Hughes has a proven track record of performance. No one understands your needs like Hughes.
10. Hughes is a trusted name and provider
For over 40 years, Hughes has been developing and implementing satellite technology. As the pioneer in the industry, Hughes offers unparalleled satellite Internet services.
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The Importance of STEM Education

Access to quality science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education shouldn’t be determined by where you live. Kids all across the U.S. should be exposed to STEM. Not only is it important for the development of our youth, but it’s also important for our country’s future.

Our passion towards STEM education is the core driver of our initiatives with 4-­H. As the nation’s premier youth development organization, they have a long history of leading innovative programs, and we are proud to support the work they are doing.

What People Are Saying
HughesNet Ranked #1!
Second Consecutive Year as Top Performer Among All Major Broadband Services
The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) sixth annual report on consumer broadband services has ranked HughesNet® satellite Internet service first among all major Internet service providers (ISPs) for delivering on advertised performance promises. “Measuring Broadband America – 2016,” issued on December 1, 2016, ranked HughesNet the leader for delivering advertised download and upload speeds for the second year in a row.
From the Houston Surburbs

“I love being able to hear the birds and not cars. I live where a lot of people dream of retiring. With the HughesNet service I feel like part of the 21st century now. It has made things a lot easier for us. I feel like I’m connected where before that was impossible.”

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On the North Carolina Coast

"Until you have talked to someone on the other side of the world using the Internet, you don't realize the power of the technology. We depend on the Internet tremendously to stay in touch. We depend on HughesNet for information and research."

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Foothills of the Adirondacks

"I love Gen4 and it has been just about trouble free. Once I had to reboot, but that was because we had some strange weather with electric pulses, things like that. Basically, if the power is on, then I'm connected. The download speeds are so much better than what I had before."

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Louisiana Bayou Country

"The speeds are awesome. My wife can be on the computer or working with all three kids remotely at the same time. They each have a computer in their rooms, and we also have two iPads and two laptops. We've never had a problem with the bandwidth."

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