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How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Step 1 Graphic

Step 1

A request for a Web page is sent from your computer to a satellite about 22,000 miles out in space. At this altitude, the satellite's period of rotation (24 hours) matches the Earth's, and the satellite always remains in the same spot over the Earth (geosynchronous orbit). Because Internet via satellite is so technologically advanced, this distance hardly makes a difference to satellite Internet speeds, even in rural areas. 

Step 2 graphic

Step 2

The satellite contacts the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC) which locates the specific Website you have requested.

Step 3 graphic

Step 3

The Website beams the information back along the same path to the NOC, then to the satellite, and then to your computer through your HughesNet dish and modem. Although the signal travels a great distance, there is only a fraction of a second delay during this transmission. This is similar to delay you may have experienced when using a cell phone. In most cases, latency isn't apparent while surfing online. Once technology is set up in your home connecting to the Internet via satellite is simple.

Satellite Internet Coverage Areas
United States
HughesNet® is available where you live, even where fiber and cable Internet are not. HughesNet lets you do more of everything you love, wherever you live in the contiguous United States and Alaska! As long as you have a clear view of the Southern sky, you have access to fast satellite Internet speeds, more data, and built-in Wi-Fi. Live where you love and still stay connected!
Alaska and Puerto RIco
HughesNet is available in Alaska and Puerto Rico wherever you have a clear view of the Southern sky!

HughesNet® leverages decades of experience in satellite technology and service with SmartTechnologies™, revolutionary enhancements to our satellite Internet service that let customers do more of what they want online without interruptions or running over monthly data allowances. SmartTechnologies are included with every Internet plan.

Features include:

  • Shrinking Web data by up to 30% - so you can do more online and download more content, while using less of your data.

  • Improving your satellite Internet speeds by pre-fetching bits and pieces that make up a Web page, so your Web pages load faster.

  • Tools like the Usage Meter and Data Tokens allow you to monitor data and add more to your plan if needed. 

Advanced Technology

The EchoStar XIX satellite is the world's highest-capacity broadband satellite. It now connects a greater number of households and small businesses with the fastest satellite Internet speeds available from coast to coast. 

Image of EchoStar XIX

What is satellite Internet service?

Satellite Internet service is available everywhere, even in areas with slow DSL and where fiber and cable options will not reach. With satellite Internet, the signal is sent from a satellite to a satellite dish mounted on your property, which connects to a modem inside. The modem includes Wi-Fi so that your phone, computer and other Wi-Fi devices...

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How does a satellite Internet connection work?

To learn more about how satellite Internet works, click here.

What is HughesNet?

HughesNet® is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet with over 1 million subscribers. HughesNet uses satellite technology to give you a super-fast, always-on Internet connection and is available everywhere, even in areas with slow or no high-speed options.

Can I get high-speed Internet in my area?

Yes! HughesNet is available in contiguous United States, Puerto Rico, and Alaska! As long as you have a clear view of the southern sky, you have access to fast satellite Internet speeds, more data, and built-in Wi-Fi. To find plans and offers, search your address here.

What are the most common myths about satellite Internet providers?

Some people may be hesitant to subscribe to satellite Internet because of myths they've heard – or because they are unaware of the convenience and quality offered by high-speed satellite Internet providers.

Myth #1 – Satellite Internet service providers don't reach rural areas.

Hughes offers satellite Internet everywhere in the contiguous United...

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