Supercharge Your Online Experience: Unleashing the Benefits of Fast Internet

woman and child using laptop with fast satellite internet

In July of 2023, Hughesnet®  launched a new era of satellite internet innovation with the JUPITERTM 3 telecommunications satellite, the largest commercial satellite ever built, providing the new line of Hughesnet home internet plans with faster internet speeds. Fast internet is vital for the best online experience, whether you’re scrolling through social media, streaming videos, studying, or performing essential business tasks.

Improved Web Browsing Experience

Faster internet speeds improve your web browsing experience by quickly loading webpages and increasing the response time of a page’s interactive elements. If you've ever seen a web page open slowly with pixelated or broken images, you’ve witnessed the impact of sluggish internet speed firsthand. With fast internet, pages load smoothly within seconds for a more responsive user experience. 

Streaming and Entertainment

With the new Hughesnet home internet plans, you can now stream the latest entertainment. Faster internet speeds allow you to stream higher-resolution content for sharper images and vibrant colors. Fast internet also reduces video buffering times, making your streaming more responsive, especially when multiple people stream on different devices on the same network. 

Faster Download Speeds

Faster satellite internet reduces the time needed to download large files, software updates, and media content while decreasing the time required to sync devices with cloud services. Vloggers, remote workers, and students benefit from faster download speeds.

Efficient Remote Work and Learning

Remote work and virtual learning are increasingly common, especially in remote locations. Whether you’re running your own business or studying for the SAT, fast internet allows you immediate access to essential files and online resources while ensuring smooth and reliable video conferencing services (please note that using a VPN will decrease service performance).

Multiple Device Connectivity

Multiple devices connected to your network can spread your network capacity thin. Faster internet speeds reduce latency and allow you to connect up to five devices with less noticeable impacts on individual device speed.

Improved Video Conferencing Quality

Fast internet speeds improve video conferencing quality in much the same way a faster internet improves streaming video: you see improvements in video and audio quality and a more stable connection. Video-conferencing features such as screen sharing, collaboration tools, and virtual backgrounds work smoother at faster internet speeds, improving productivity and your overall conferencing experience.


Future-proofing for Technological Advancements

At Hughesnet, we pride ourselves on planning for the future. New, innovative online technology continuously changes how we work, play, and interact online, often placing new demands on internet plans. By providing faster internet speeds and responsive new options like Hughesnet Fusion® plans, we help our users take advantage of new technology as it becomes available. 

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

No matter what you need to do online, a fast internet connection makes you more efficient. The new Hughesnet plans provide quick access to information and resources, whether you’re running a home business, studying, streaming video, or catching up on social media posts. 


Faster internet speeds are cost-efficient in the long run. With faster, more reliable internet, you can get more done in less time. Small businesses can operate at greater productivity, and you get the most out of your streaming services, shopping, and other online experiences. 


How to Get Faster Internet

The new Hughesnet offers fast internet on all our home internet plans. Our innovative Hughesnet Fusion plans combine satellite and wireless technologies to reduce latency and provide a more responsive internet experience. Learn how to get started with the new Hughesnet today, and enjoy faster, more reliable satellite internet!